Color Swap : Immense colour matching games

Color Swap : Immense colour matching games

Welcome to Color Switch Pro a simple addictive gameplay. You will be moving very fast and have to swap quickly to go far.

The goal is simple: Going up, pass through the same color of the character and don't touch the other colors. The more stars you collect, the better score you have.

Keep play Color Switch and beat your friends score by comparing score on the Top Score leaderboard.

Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will color switch with some powerups! The ball will switch colors when passing through the Color Switcher. Jump into the wrong twist and you'll have to start over.


  • Ranking online
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Nice Graphics
  • Great music and sounds
  • Unique and easy gameplay
  • Collect coins and other valuables along the way to increase your score
  • Easy, intuitive controls
  • Well-designed levels
  • Fun for all ages

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22 August 2016


Mobile Application, IOS, Android, Game